Wednesday, November 7, 2012

This shiz is funny

Okay you guys...I married the greatest human alive.
Women, stop looking for prince charming. Men, you too.
He is here. In my house. Wearing hiking boots (officially "hunting" boots because he already had a pair of "hiking" boots so he insisted it "absolutely necessary" to purchase these boots).
But here is the very best part...He came out wearing these boots and whitey tighties-that is all.

I laughed so hard when he came out that I teared up. So proud of him, truly.

In case my story of Husband didn't crack you up...check out this video. It was so funny it made me pee a little. In my pants. I'm definitely buying some lady pens ;) (you have to click on the link to get that last joke).

tomorrow = advent calendar with terracotta pots!!  (now you just peed in your pants from excitement)

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