Tuesday, November 13, 2012

nap time photo booth

Sometimes it is nap time. And sometimes a certain little Nugget decides that he does not want to nap during nap time. No he doesn't want to nap one bit. And it is during such nap times that we turn nap time into a laying-down photo booth session.

This Nugget seems to think that he is quite in charge around here (who are we kidding...he totally is). When we take iPhone photos, his favorite part is looking at himself on the screen (so apparently he has an eye for adorable). And sometimes he will entertain himself watching Elf or chewing on his frog toy, but this only lasts 15 minutes before he lets us all know it has been far too long since he was held and cuddled. Every now and then he poops (like today-it was EVERYWHERE), but most of the time he prefers to hold it for days on end (the stubborn Nugget). And just this week he decided it was time to begin scooting around for items outside his reach. So I guess our lives will be on Nugget's terms for a while (at least until we have another wee one).

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  1. Love that kiddo. I miss baby naps, even when they were naps that weren't :)


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