Friday, November 9, 2012

Advent Calendar DIY

Hello friends! I start this Home Depot Holiday with a delightful advent calendar! This kind of calendar is really the best comes with daily treats! Little gifts leading up to the very day of gift giving!

Okay here is the breakdown...

From Home Depot (HD):
- mini terracotta pots (also available at Hobby Lobby)
- magnetic metal sheet (you could also arrange the pots on your fridge!)

From Other:
- Paint (any holiday colors your heart desires)
- Magnets (about the size of a nickle)

Note: Most the stuff for the wreath and garland are from HD as well, but I am doing tutorials on them soon so there you have it :)

1| Start by picking your holiday colors (I chose red and white-inspired by the cutest Christmas candy...candy canes) and paint your mini terracotta pots. One of the best things about working with terracotta is that it soaks up paint very well and dries very fast. 1 coat red and 2 coats white otta work.

 2| Paint on those numbers! It takes a bit of dexterity but I know you can do it! Plus...those little numbers DO NOT have to be fact the imperfection of it all it my favorite part! Also, results are inconclusive as to how many days you should have on an advent calendar... 24 or 25? I made 25 because, well, who wants less candy? Not me.

3| Next is the hot glue (second in versatility only to duct tape). Exactly opposite of your painted number place a glob of glue on the outside rim of your pot...

4| and the quickly glue on that magnet that makes the magic happen!


I made little burlap sacks to hold peppermint Kisses and added a few mini ornaments, but please feel free to stuff you mini painted pots with whatever your heart desires!


  1. It makes me so jealous how all of your DIY crafts are things I could never do by myself. :( Haha!

    1. Jen you can totally paint a pot and glue a magnet to it! I will help you through this! ;)


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