Thursday, November 1, 2012

R.I.P Halloween

The moving dust has settled. Not to say I still don't have a to-do list longer than I am tall, but the "move" stage of "moving" is basically complete. Although I haven't put up curtains (my neighbors can see me showering and doing Zumba--not at the same time because that would be dangerous) I made sure my porch was ready for trick-or-treat-ers.

Moving is kind of like Halloween.
It is kind of scary, a bit nerve-racking.
You depend heavily on junk food to make it through.
People who don't live with you show up on your doorstep (Thanks SO MUCH to all who helped move or showed up with treats)
And I am sure that if we moved in costume, it would really make it more enjoyable.

During this moving madness I went from 23-years of age to 24! A lot has happened while I was 23. I started this blog, we bought a house, I became a mom. Big year! This year, being 24 and all, I thought it a good idea to set a personal goal...while 24 my goal is to develop a greater appreciation for the arts. For theater, for dancing, for literature, for visual arts, and even music (I have a hard time concentrating during concerts. I find myself thinking: I wish someone was dancing with this music). Yes, while 24 I am going to find my muse. Of course I will bring that muse to the blog.

I feel overwhelmingly blessed for my new home and fantastic family. Every morning feels a little like Christmas as I wake up to a blank canvas of possibilities. I made a commitment to myself to take my creativity seriously and to find ways to make my house a home on a tight budget and lots of love.

You guys, Christmas around here is going to be spectacular. Already I have a verbal commitment from Husband to help me hang Christmas lights (and now you have to Clint because your commitment is published online #blogblackmail).
But I am getting ahead of myself. Tomorrow I will share my game plan for Christmas crafting. I am stoked. Here is a sneak into my holiday warms ups:

 I may buy this kit.
We are making this.
And almost every one of my crafting materials is coming from here.

I have said too much.

And now I am going to go eat candy.

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