Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Chalk this one up as a win!

Yesterday was blah! I mean I was sick, so was Liam, everyone felt like poop. It was a coughing, runny nose, achy mess. Which meant I stayed in pajamas all day (and this is not the norm-ever since a friend told me not to wear sweats to college classes because I would get fat I have had a fear of wearing sweats and PJs all day). But I was able to get some things accomplished. Like I sent out my Christmas cards! And I brushed my teeth...hooray! I'll share my cards later (I am super dooper stoked about this!), but for now I will indulge in a completely selfish post where I list a slew of family photos.
All photos were taken by the loverly Kelli from Kelli Dee Photography. I recommend her highly.
I loved this shoot...I'm chalking it up as a win!
And I'll go ahead and end this grace-lacking post. The end :)


  1. aaaa those photos of liam?! aaaaa! i can hardly stand to look at him without the ginormous urge to squish!

    1. you are too sweet! We love him...I squish him in all day!

  2. Thanks Tasha! I am pretty excited about them...this probably wont be the last you see of them!


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