Friday, December 21, 2012

Oh Christmas Tree!

Aren't Christmas trees wonderful? They are right? And very important too...The exclamation point on a Christmas decor sentence. Thus, a matter such as deciding where to place your tree is of utmost importance! After the tradition of my mother, I placed our tree in an unexpected, but somehow perfect, place...the dining room! It was a perfect place, you see, because we are walking through that dining room all day and Mr. tree is always there for a high five, wink, or supportive butt slap. And although the formal front room is giving me the stink-eye from feeling neglected, I am happy with the tree placement this year. 
Oh, and we threw in Christmas cards, a disco ball yarn solar system, and wire wreaths for the heck of it!

Note that my "star" is a glass light cover filled with a strand of Christmas lights...It's from Home Depot of course!
Happy Holidays everyone!


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