Saturday, December 22, 2012

My mini Grinch

Every now and then I experience a creative moment in which the crafting stars align. My mantel was such a moment. Did you see it? From the teal and gold antlers to the fringe and woodland creatures, it all just seemed to come together.
And then it came apart...well the fringe did at least.
You see, Nugget Liam happens to be quite mobile these days. Look the other way and you will find him tummy deep in Jada's dog water dish. Run to go pee and come back to find presents unwrapped and ornaments de-treed. So when I ran upstairs for only 2.0 seconds, it should have been no surprise to find my mini-Grinch sitting in a pile of my mantel fringe!
What a little butt.
So what else was I to do but grab the camera?
And now, for a series of poor-quality photos starring my little monster himself...

A Happy Christmas Eve Eve Eve to you all! I'll check back in on Monday!

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