Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Walmart Santa

I would consider us to be a classy bunch. I only wear sweats when going to bed and Husband shaves regularly. What more could you ask, really? But every now and then we have a life moment where we stop and think this a little trashy of me? 
But why not go for it?...A little too much hairspray never hurt anybody (unless they lit a match)...Basketball shorts and boots? Husband thinks yes!
And it so happens that this Holiday season presented a bit of a "trashy" moment for the fam.
This moment I affectionately call our "Walmart Santa" moment.
Did you know that Walmart happened to have a Santa this year? It's true! And, he was a free Santa! Bless my caroling heart...a FREE Santa at Walmart!
Plopped right there in the middle of the Christmas decor was Mrs. and Mr. Clause themselves...and this was an opportunity we couldn't afford (literally) to miss.
Liam felt rather indifferent towards the whole hullabaloo, but that sure didn't stop me from taking 20 blurry photos on my phone, and to be honest, blurry phone photos kind of fit the bill. So thank you Walmart Santa! We are annual patrons most definitely!


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