Monday, December 17, 2012

A little homemade heartfelt gift to you from me!

As it so happens, I'm biased towards the homemade. I know we shouldn't judge, I mean, all treats have their good qualities and we really shouldn't over-generalize...But, have it be known that the homemade is heart-made through and least the things I home make! So to share a little of my heart, I hand crafted the most wonderful and affordable Christmas craft known to mankind...The Salt Clay Ornament! Dududah! This little wonder is a family tradition...near and dear.

After mixing that dough...I used Christmas shaped cookie cutters to cut out my individual ornaments...don't forget to punch a hole for a hook!

Now for the decorating!

1} Paint those little suckers! This may take a couple coats of paint, but a little extra TLC is never a waste.

2} Add glue come your individual creativity and sass...I added Polk-a-dots and stripes, but you could really go crazy. Go ahead...let your inner glue wild side come out!

3} Dump on the glitter like a boss...I don't go light on glitter because it's important to cover all the glue.

4} Shake off the extra glitter (and remember to do all this on paper so you can fold it in half and dump the excess glitter back into the glitter shaker)

5}  Wrap. Tag. Gift!

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