Monday, February 4, 2013

Airheads Cupcake Toppers

Me: "Hello name is Alix, and I'm addicted to sugar"
Group: "Hello Alix"

So it's true that I am a sugar addict. Given the choice of dinner or dessert, I pick dessert every time! But here's the good news...It's February, which means it's almost Valentine's Day, which means I can eat dessert and sugar all I want! Hooray! You can too, you know. So lets get in the sugary candy Valentines mood with some Airheads cupcake toppers that you might just fall in love with and want Airheads to be your Valentine.


Airheads of course!
the cupcake of your choice. will also need some toothpicks


1| Unwrap those yummy Airheads and stamp out circles. To get a variety of circle sizes I looked around my house for different sized lids that could easily punch through an airhead.

2| Sandwich the toothpick in between two Airhead circles (the circles should be the same size). Because Airheads are sticky and chewy, they hold together really nicely. All I did was lightly press the two Airhead circles together around the toothpick and vwella! Cupcake topper!

3| This step is OPTIONAL, but I wanted to add a bit of shimmer to my cupcake toppers, so I mixed a a dash of pearl decorating dust and water and lightly painted a few hearts on the toppers.

 4| Stick the Airhead toppers in your cupcake!



  1. Ahh! These are so precious! I love them. How cute and lovely. Can you come plan my next party?

  2. Alix, these are so cute! And I'll have to second with you on choosing dessert over dinner any day:)

  3. Super cute! If I didn't love you so much, I just might hate you ;)


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