Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Girls With Glasses

So there is this brilliant blog, The Girls With Glasses and it's made up of Summer Bellessa and Brooke White. Summer is the brilliant editor-in-chief of Eliza Magazine and I've been a fan Brooke since she sang You're So Vain to Simon Cowell on this reality show called American Idol. You may have heard of it. Well I danced my booty off at their Alt Summit party...They were so very darling in person and as nice as you would expect! Check out their blog, writing, and music! And...they tweeted me to become an honorary Girl With Glasses! (EEK!) Needless to say I was jumping for joy! So I wrote a little paragraph about what it means t me to be a Girl With Glasses on their blog.

 PS...it is extremely difficult to take photos of yourself, and to take yourself seriously during the process. I mean I spent an hour with a camera, tripod, and self timer and these two shots are the only half decent shots I took. Woe is me.


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