Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Utah Eats: Kneaders

It may be JCWs or Jims...You may hit up Cafe Rio or a one-of-a-kind gourmet place. But whatever your choice of Utah grub may be (burgers or pulled pork salads), there is one Utah joint you have to taste.
Kneaders. French. Toast.
The syrup tastes like caramel. Did you hear that? Caramel!
The toast is to die for.
And Liam stuffed his face like a Christmas stocking.
(oh yes, that analogy just happened)

Speaking of french toast...Liam is sure growing up fast. (did you see what I did there? Graceful transitioning is a strength of mine)
At 9 months he starting crawling like a boss and we had to literally baby proof the entire house. He'll push himself up on all fours and get his little motor going...left leg right leg, left, right, left, right all over the house. And dang, he's fast. Now Nugget will pull his little body up into a standing position, reach for things just barely out of reach, and yell at us in protest. The best is when he dances. On his bum rocking back and forth he'll flex his little arms to the beat. And those big brown eye...seriously!?
Anywho...he turns 1 year (gasp) in March and I am planning a birthday celebration like a pro. There will be cake toppers and tepees. It's going to be epic.
And to sum up...I recommend Kneaders.


  1. That toast just made me sad. I haven't had sugar in 3 months. And I better be invited to that bday party ;) How I love that baby... Evie asked the other day "Can't he just come live with us for awhile?"

    1. Evie is SO sweet! We would seriously miss Liam so much...he's like our oxygen!

    2. PS you look great! No sugar is working!


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