Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentine's Day photobooth

Last week I hung a little photobooth backdrop in my dining room (because that's what normal people do) and it was staring at me all week long. Finally I responded with "okay. okay....we will take pictures of you already!"
So my darling husband agreed to a tortuous family photobooth shoot, which was just short of water-boarding, I'm sure.
But lets be honest...the shoot is meant to illustrate our family love...because we love each other...a lot.
And, you guys, isn't Nugget just dreamy in that mustache!? I mean...seriously?

 Happy Valentine's Day Eve!

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  1. Liam looks like grandpa!
    Love it!
    You have that little guy so well trained - look at the canera, OK -
    Love you guys so much!


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