Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Drawstring Bag How-To

After several requests I have happily relented to teach you how to make a drawstring bag. This really is a great craft. I love it for several reasons. First, drawstring bags hold things (suprise!). A drawsting bag is probably the most exciting thing to wrap a gift in. Second, you can make these bags in any size you want...versatility is always to be desired. And third, almost any fabric under the sun will do.

Buckle up...it's about to get crafty crazy around here.

- Fabric cut in a rectangle. The length of the fabric rectangle should be 2 times the height. For example, my fabric piece was 10" long x 5" wide.
- Sting of some kind. I have used jute, yarn, and here I am using baker's twine.
- A sewing machine (you could hand stitch if you don't have a machine)


 Step 1: Fold your fabric rectangle in half hamburger style. Make sure that you fold your fabric bright side in (some fabrics don't have a bright side and a dull side). The reason the bright side is on the inside is because you are going to sew and then turn your bag right-side-out.


Step 2: For the second step you will start sewing. The two sides that need to be sewn are the sides that run perpendicular to the fold in your fabric. Meaning, when you sew the sides, your fold will be facing the back of your sewing machine. When both sides are sewn, your rectangle will now be a pouch. **REMEMBER**: do not sew the sides all the way to the other end...leave at least an inch un-sewn (as seen above) because you will need to create a place to feed the twine through.


Step 3: With that extra inch of fabric on at the opening, we will now sew a fabric "tunnel" to feed your twine through. Pick one side of your pouch and fold this tab of fabric over on itself. Don't fold it all the way into the sewn side area, just fold the un-sewn tab in half on itself. This will leave a little opening on either end of the folded tab. Now sew that tab on just that side (being careful not to sew the other side of the bag at all).


Step 4: Repeat step 3 with the other tab, again being careful not to sew the other side of your bag. Once both tabs are sewn, turn your bag right-side-out. It's looking pretty hot don't cha think?


Step 5: Time to add the drawstring part! It's easiest to feed string or twine through using something solid and pointy, like a pencil or a paintbrush. I used a toothpick. Tie your twine to the end of your toothpick and feed it through one tab on your bag. To pull it all the way through it helps to scrunch the toothpick along.


Step 6: Next, do a U-turn with your toothpick and feed it back through the other tab. Once you have scrunched through the other side, tie a knot with the two ends of your twine.


 Step 7: Repeat steps 5 and 6 with a new piece of twine, but this time start on the opposite side. What I mean is, start feeding your new piece of twine through on the side of your bag that you previously did a U-turn on with your first piece of twine. Make sense?


Party Hardy with your new drawstring bag!


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