Thursday, March 7, 2013

Goodbye crap-load of snow. Welcome spring.

Life lately has been kinda strange. Like I get a ton done in a day, and still feel like I can't get anything done. This may be a sure sign that I am telling myself to get to much done, but I am choosing to ignore the burn-out warning signs. Yep, I will ignore that am a bit blogpost-lacking lately. And I will ignore that I haven't worked out in a few days. I will even pretend that I didn't notice my increase in desserts due to stress eating.

Instead, I want to talk about spring, and that one time I was so sore I couldn't wash my hair.
Spring here in Utah is around the corner. You know how I know? It smells like spring just a bit. The wind doesn't have an edge like winter wind does.
Some green is popping up...but not much.
The weather people say a storm is on the way...but I am optimistic. For in Utah, there is always a storm brewing. In one day it could rain, snow, rainbow, wind, and sunny all within a few hours. It's true, Utah's weather has a personality disorder.
But we are heading in the general direction of spring, I can feel it.

Let's say a cool goodbye to winter, shall we?
And we will commemorate winter with the best winter storm of the season.

One day this winter it snowed. Like a sh*t-load of snow. At least 10 inches in a couple hours (Clint said it was less but I am always right. What does he know?)
And I thought, I am totally going to shovel our driveway so Clint doesn't have to!
That's a lot of shoveling people. The snow piles after shoveling were almost as tall as me, which means every time I scooped up snow I had to throw it over a huge pile.
Let's just say I struggled to lift my arms, walk up the stairs, and just stand the next day.

I look all smug and proud of myself. Little did I know, 30 minutes later I would be in great pain :). Yes, I am ready for spring!


  1. OMG lady! I have NEVER done that! I figure if I cant beat it down backing over it, I just wont go anywhere. Or if I cant drive in over it, I'll park on the road. I've done both but I have never, ever shoveled the drive! I am super impressed. I hope you learned your lesson, (jk) and I hope you don't try to do everything the new spring requires in just one day. Oh to have your energy! Love you all :)

    1. It had to be done! But next time I may let Clint do it :)

  2. You need a snow blower!!!

  3. One of the happiest days of our lives, was when we SOLD THE SNOW BLOWER- because we were moving SOUTH! I had to shovel the whole time Dave was in residency. It Super Sucks! Good Girl!

    1. Tasha! It snowed this morning and I nearly cried. We are going somewhere warn asap. It's a necessity.


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