Monday, March 25, 2013

The Perfect Party Favor for Pennies: And Then We Saved

I may have gone a bit overboard on my 1-year-old's birthday. This became somewhat clear when I was hand crafting 2-centimeter-tall gold party hats for miniature woodland animals at 1:30 AM. But this is what I do people. I overachieve to a fault (at least when crafting is involved). Can I just tell you I am dying with excitement that a piece of my little Liam's party is featured on AND THEN WE SAVED today! I created the perfect little party favor for party guests and there are 3 reasons why they rock:
1. They cost under $0.60 each. (Holy buckets that's affordable)
2. They are versatile and, with changing only a couple things, can work for all kinds of events.
3. They are cute. The first rule of party favoring.

As an embellishment or accessory to the favors I created these little glitter-dipped paper feathers (tutorial below)...

To check out the rest of my party favor fun, check out THIS BLOG POST.


Glitter (gold was my choice)

Glue (Just your basic Elmer's Glue)



First, poor some glue onto a plate...oh yeah. 

Second,  paint on the feather where you want the glitter. I cut out a bunch of feathers by hand and just eyeballed it. I didn't really have a pattern to follow, but you are more than welcome to copy my silhouette.

Third, make it rain (glitter) on that feather!

Fourth, dump the glitter off! Tada!

 Check more out HERE!


  1. Adorable and clever! I cant wait to see Nuggets float in the 24th of July Parade! OK, maybe not. But seriously - maybe? Do you guys in the neighborhood do a Parade? I cant even imagine you passing up on that one! Love your blog! Love you guys!

    1. A float! What an amazing idea! I'll have that idea brewing :)

  2. Uaaau! so lovely! Good combination of colours!

    1. Why thank you Gatito! I am certainly in love with orange and gold lately!


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