Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Day Date with My Guys and Irish Bread

I am all about the day dates with my guys. And when carbohydrates are involved, that's an offer I can't refuse. Can I just tell you, Great Harvest Bread Company is the champion of free samples. You can pick from a selection of delicious breads and they cut you a huge slice and lather it in butter. I selected Irish Mint Chocolate bread and am ruined for life. No other bread will ever bring me that kind of joy ;).

Sadly I had to wave goodbye to the Irish Mint Chocolate bread when I waved goodbye to St. Patrick's Day. Until next year! Day dates with Husband and Nugget, however, will continue full swing. They are literally the best.

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  1. Irish Mint Chocolate bread?! Oh yum! This is one I've never heard of, or tried (hint, hint) maybe next year you can pick some up and send it to me, or not. Maybe you can find a recipe and share. That would be good :) Love you'all.


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