Friday, April 19, 2013

4 on Friday: Plants!

I'm not much of a green thumb you see, but there's this eclectic pile of pots in my garage that have been flirting with me since the first day of Spring, and I should be a little more polite and explain to them my intentions. I intend to wipe them down with a rag, fill them with fresh cool soil, plant some delicious succulents and flowers and bushy-type plants in them, water them, and make a peace offering to the gardening gods. You see, I have good intentions, but I just need a little more inspiration help I think.

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  1. Last winter while debating whether or not to drag out and set up my Christmas trees, I decided to do something different, and much easier to put away.
    Sabrina, Joey and Dennis took me to DI and I got as many colorful phony flowers as my $20 could buy! Not Christmas flowers - just really bright colorful flowers, and some strands of phony ivy. I stuffed them in a huge bag, brought them home, put them in a corner and promptly forgot all about them!
    Then one dreary rainy day Morgan came to play.
    "Can I play with these flowers grandma?"
    "Of course you can."
    And she did.
    She and her dolls found several baskets, a vase and a pitcher - all different shapes and sizes and created a fabulous garden in my kitchen! It's still there and it still brings sunshine in, every single day. So anyway - I looked at that empty brick fireplace and thought - "Oh my! My beautiful kitchen garden would fill that up!"
    So if I ever find a wall to put an old repurposed mantel against - that is exactly what I will do!
    Meanwhile real plants in real pots are simply wonderful, so here's looking forward to you getting right on that Darlin'


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