Thursday, April 18, 2013

Serious Easter Re-cap (P.S. I talk about blogging too)

I'm not sure how you do Easter, but apparently we do Easter with a lot of sass. This past Easter was not Liam's first, but it was the first one he could participate in and let's just say, he had some mixed feelings about the whole Easter egg thing. I love in the photo above he's like, "here can have this one". And check out the attitude in the photo below, I mean this kid is seriously a crack-up.

This is our football star pose. He has nearly perfected the stiff-arm.

And why yes, that is my Nugget fishing jelly beans out of the gravel and shoving them into his mouth.


Blogging does funny things to your children, I am now realizing. Like, whenever someone holds up a phone or a camera, blogger's kids just seem to know it's time for the cheese and the smiles and the poses. Part of this may be that we live in an age of technology where viewing photos is at your fingertips, so we take a ton more pictures. All I know is that Liam is 13 months and I have over 4,000 photos of him on my hard drive. Perhaps it's time to slow the clicking down!

But I must say, I am really grateful for the images I get to capture. I feel so lucky that, while he will grow and change, I have a relic of what he used to look like and how little he used to be. I'm also feeling pretty lucky to be blogging. My blog is nowhere near the blog I hope it to be, but this learning experience has been so revealing. A blog is like sending your life out there in a letter to friends and strangers and hoping they right back or at least find it interesting. Which has turned out to be a great way for me to examine what I think of myself, what I like about myself, and what I want to work on. Indeed, blogging has made me want to be a better and more creative person every day. It has also taught me to prioritize and some days a blog post is not the priority. To continue with the mushiness, I just want to say thank you for following along with A Ruffled Life. I'm pretty freaking excited about what the future holds for this little blog, but I wouldn't do it if it weren't for you great readers and friends!


  1. Awe shucks, thanks.
    Liam seems to be enjoying himself - even if the whole thing seems a bit silly. Next year he'll be old enough to understand the bunny's lay eggs thing - Ha! Like we all do!
    'Nother Ha!

    I love your blog 'cause it opens the window on my great grandson every day.

    I know what you mean though, time was when I could sneak up and get those fab pictures of kids doing what kids do before they realized I was taking pictures. No more. Somewhere along the way they developed an instant sense of being caught on camera - and assumed a pose. Looks like Liam isn't there yet, thank goodness. And thank goodness you have all those pix!

    Love you guys!

  2. BTW, that crack up photo is so Grandma Tricia! That cracks me up!


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