Friday, April 12, 2013

Why I have gone missing...and a little thank you

Hello all readers! Well this is kind of embarrassing, but I have been missing for about a week now, and I kind of feel bad about it! I mean, you come around and read about my life and leave heartfelt comments, so I just wanted to say thank you! Thank you for being such great readers and friends!

Also, I thought I ought to update you on what I am working on behind the scenes here at A Ruffled Life.

First...We are redesigning! Wa-who! I am soooo excited for the new look! So keep an eye out for our relaunch in a bit. Some stuff may look funny here and there so I appreciate your patience dear friends! And we'll do our best to give you a bigger and better A Ruffled Life.

Second...We've been feeling a little under the weather, but I think it may be allergies so I am currently testing that hypothesis with allergy meds so...pending diagnosis.

Third...This little Nugget has needed LOTS AND LOTS of extra loving this week. I mean, he has been a limb on my body. So we have cuddled and played and giggled and cried a lot together this week.

And I think he may be a red head... :)

Fourth...I added some stuff to my life list at Go Mighty!

and I have been loving these reads lately! Check out my link love:

Splatter paint on balloons! What the cute?!

This post about blogging has really hit home for me...time to slow down and step up the quality!

 I really want to make these at the moment...because they look soooo good.

And I want to buy this and frame it something fierce!


  1. Thanks for sharing my balloons, my dear!! =) Can't wait to see your redesign! Happy weekend!

  2. Terribly worthy goals!
    And I'll betcha you make it to all of them!
    Love Liams hair! Red would be good.
    Sorry to hear you've been under the weather. So have I.
    Oh not sick - just cutting grass and Ivy and dead fern fronds and a vine I think is Trumpet -
    all under the weather - that would be rain.
    Had to finally quit when I couldn't see anymore.
    (Good thing rain isn't salty or I'da been in a world of hurt)
    Anyway - feel better and give that little guy (and big guy) a hug for me!
    Love you guys, hugs and kisses :)

    1. I remember gardening in that rain! It looks a lot like that around here these past few days. Rain is good for this desert climate though so I shouldn't complain. And yes!...Red would be good :)


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