Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Glitter Envelope DIY!

Happy Tuesday friends! And happy Spring! Is it Spring where you are? Because it look suspiciously like November outside my window today. Oh Utah...you are a bipolar state, you. And while my instincts are telling me to pull on the sweats and close the curtains, we are determined to pretend like it is Spring anyways. Yesterday we wore bright colors, went on a (freezing) hike, and shopped for Spring shirts. My wallet and exercising will singlehandedly will Spring upon us.
But just in case you are experiencing a similar case of the Spring-time-blues...this simple little crafty may be just the thing to brighten your day!
Introducing....my simple tutorial on glitter business card envelopes!

-1 strip of pre-glittered paper cut to 1/4 inch larger than the height of your card by 2 times the width of your card. Meaning my card was 3.5" X 4.5" so I cut my paper to 4" X 9".

- Embellishments...I picked up some teal twine and pink poms!

1| Fold you glitter paper strip in half, hamburger style.

2| Sew one side of the folded envelope. I stared at the folded seam and sewed to the end.

3| Duplicate the seam on the other side, leaving an opening opposite of the folded side.

4| This little opening will hold your cards (or letter, or love note...whatever you fancy).

5| Embellish! I strung a pink pom on some twine and wrapped it around my envelope a couple times. 
What will you embellish your glitter envelopes with?


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