Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Window Safety: The Neighborhood

Two The Neighborhood posts in a row!? Yep, you got it! I am all about safety this week, and who can blame me? A paranoid mamma has to do her part! Today on The Neighborhood I am a "Chatty Kathy" (or "Chatty Alix" if you will) about windows and window wells. Did you know that thousands of children are injured from window falls every year? Window safety is super important y'all! Plus I am talking about one of my favorite movies ever (bonus!).

Every time I hear the words “window safety” I imagine a scene from Just Married where Bags, the bulldog, is tugging on Ashton Kutcher’s pant leg and begging for his ball to be thrown. Kutcher, without paying attention, throws the ball over his shoulder and out the second story window and Bags chases it right out...Read More...

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