Tuesday, May 28, 2013

My Vintage Cake Platter Makeover

Every now and then you just need to take some pretty pictures. There is really no need to explain yourself and they never need to be printed or framed, just appreciated by you. And after I fixed up this beautiful little cake platter I thought to myself, this babe deserves a photo shoot. So I gave it the glam it deserved and put a cake on it. Some milk with tea cups and saucers too??? You bet.

Here is what Ms. Cake Platter looked like when I picked her up from the flea market:

Can I just say, I love a piece with potential. More so than something that has reached it's full potential. I love the vase that is improved upon with fresh flowers or the old chair that needs a new coat of paint. The transformation seems so brilliant to me. That something may appear old or used and ordinary, but with the right perspective and some hard work a flea market find can become a treasure for a lifetime.
I think this is the same with people for me. I am drawn to individuals whose potential and talent appeal to me, but they haven't reached that pinnacle yet. These kinds of people only get better with time. They are always moving forward. That's one of the things I love most about Clint. The longer we are married the more interesting I find him.
When we got married I was 20. I was a baby. Let's just say he definitely married me for my potential and I will keep praying that 20 was not the pinnacle of Alix. In fact I vividly remember talking about our futures on our third date. I was only 18 (even a littler baby!). I asked, like a silly girl, if he thought I was a success as a person. Clint looked over at me and smiled and said, "you have so much potential". I beamed. This seemed like a real complement to me back then (now it kinda sounds like an insult upon reflection :) ) but I couldn't imagine a more promising quality to possess than potential. It means you are going to get better, move forward, your greatest work of art is yet to come.
Potential is how I feel about my blog, my photography, even my parties. I have so much creating left in me and I am always wrestles to make something new happen. Today I want to buy the orchard across the street and do horse-drawn slay rides. Tomorrow I want to start a wedding planning company. Perhaps this little beauty of a cake dish, with it's fresh coat of white paint, will make an appearance in a future craft party I host. Or maybe it will pop up at a baby shower for a little girl. Some day. But make no mistake, this little cake platter has potential.

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  1. I've never seen a cake platter quite like this. For that matter, I've never seen a cake quite like this. They both look nummy! I have a question. You mention the cake platter is freshly painted. What I want to know is - how do you do that? I mean what king of paint, it looks so smooth and perfect. Maybe you can guide us through how to paint a dish (what's it made out of?) in a future blog. Love to all, and save me a piece (smile)


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