Friday, May 31, 2013

This has been a moment with sleeping Liam!

Do ya ever get so caught up in stamping veggie art and taking pictures of powdered bunt cake that you forget to stop and take in the simple miracles of life. Yes? That's what I too. You see, I fancy myself a task-oriented person. I wake up early to pluck away on my laptop and throw in a load of laundry. During nap time I do some accounting, edit a book I'm helping write, work in Photoshop. After bedtime I catch up on reading and straighten up the house. But every now and then I stop and glance over and my sleeping baby toddler (what the %&#*@!) and just soak him in. You know, really look at him and have one of those strange out of body experiences where you realize that this little human depends fully on you (a totally imperfect human) and that you had better not screw this up. One of those moments. And then I realize, I am one lucky duck. Truly. A few days ago my grandma Facebooked me and was like "keep posting pictures of that growing baby" and I thought, has been a minute since I chatted about Liam. Enter stage left: a little list about what Liam is up to now:

- Liam takes every meal in his highchair. He prefers to feed himself, after all he is grown up enough to do so. The very second he decides he is done eating he goes directly from chewing his last bite to screaming like a maniac while flinging bits of toast at Jada (who willingly eats all dropped morals). Once the highchair hysterics begin I have about 1.2 seconds to wipe him down and get him out before a breakdown ensues. Let's just say Liam is a man who knows what he wants and wants it right now.

- This kid is walking everywhere. Let me rephrase: This kid is running everywhere. In the pantry (dumping out chips) to the living room (dancing with Ellen-I kid you not) to the bathroom (in the toilet). With how quick this kid moves I have become quite to the pro and baby-proofing. I think I will add that to my CV.

- Better out than in is Liam's motto. And I'm not talking bodily excretions (yuck). Little nugget prefers outdoors to indoors always. As we walk and walk and walk he narrates and I nod my head, listening intently and appreciating his little dialogue. Yesterday he removed 4 flags from our neighbor's yard (in about 5 seconds) and I had to go back and determine where the Century Link flags and Comcast flags belonged. Ooops. Cross your fingers for me (and my neighbor's internet services).

- Liam is practically talking now. I mean, he says pee-do (peekaboob), dain-do (thank you), janda (Jada), and uh-oh (uh-oh). My personal favorite is thank you. He will march around with a toy or strainer or broom in his hand and chant "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"

Yep, he's pretty adorable. Pretty freaking adorable.


  1. He's adorable! What a sweet blog post Alix! I so appreciated it!

  2. That little guy is moving into the funnest time to watch (and sometimes scariest). That's when being a mom becomes a revelation, a challenge, tears, and laughing to tears! That's when it's hardest to keep notes and most important to keep notes. That's when every day the little guy does something memorable and you go - oh no - where's my camera! Sometimes it's more fun than you can handle and sometimes it's just more than you can handle, but somehow moms always have a spare inch to go. Alix, you are doing a splended job of being mom! However one reminder - since he likes playing in the toilet, always keep the lid down. Not for sanitation (I'm sure your toilet is super clean) but because he can fall in. And that's a very hard spot to get out of if your barely one rapidly going on all grown up! Love you! Love your blog! Love, hugs and kisses to one and all!

    1. Thanks Grandma! I will have you know that he NEVER gets in my's Annabelle and my mom who leave their bathroom door open and he gets in theirs. We always catch him in the first 5 seconds...but it's still very gross!


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