Saturday, May 11, 2013

Trim your window! Maintain your bike! Help your babysitter!

Hello friends! I know, I know...I have gone hiatus lately-which is 100% due to being overwhelmed-but I'll share more of that on Monday! Soooo I have some exciting news! I trimmed out the window in our front room! Which is huge news really. It turned out fabulous and you can read more about it at And Then We Saved!

But wait...there's more!

I got a little help from my sweet and patient husband on THIS POST. It's all about bike maintenance for The Neighborhood, and let me tell you Clint is all about the bike maintaining, so it's an informative read for sure!

and...the party isn't over yet. You may be interested in my other The Neighborhood post with a FREE BABYSITTER GUIDE PRINTABLE (I put that in all caps to express my excitement. Did you get it?)

So have a fabulous Saturday and a positively wonderful Mother's Day and I'll see you back Monday where shiz is going to get real. people. 

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