Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Veggie Stamp DIY!

Today's DIY craft makes me so excited I could do a little jig. Seriously. And it's soooooo easy, fun to do with your kids, and requires potatoes. Plus it's patriotic (go America!) and cheeeeeeap. It was so fun I was kinda wishing Liam was a little older and could do it with me (but only kinda...would you slow down the growing Liam, please). Alright, enough nonsense. Let's dive right into the crafty crap!

- Craft paint in the colors that make you swoon
- A piece of material (or paper even). I chose a canvas-like material.
- Veggies (potatoes and carrots made the most sense to me)


1| Cut a shape into your veggie. For the carrots I just cut off the rounded edges to make them into squares and triangles. For the potatoes I cut them in half, then traced a triangle about 1/4" deep into the flat area of the cut potato. Then I turned my knife parallel to the flat area and shaved away the edges, revealing a shape!

2| Next, I taped out my map design on my fabric. I printed off a map, cut it out, and traced it with tape onto my canvas.

3| Dip your potato or carrot into your paint, making sure to cover the whole shape surface.

 4| And stamp it onto your canvas! It took me about an hour to stamp my entire map area and about 2 hours for it to dry completely. It was worth the wait!

5| Finally...peel off your tape outline to reveal your fabulous geometric design!

What I love most about this project is that it is a great way to bring some bright color to your home. I am planning on framing this sucker and hanging it in my craft room. The geometric design looks really fresh and fun, but is also super easy to recreate. You don't even have to be crafty to stamp with veggies! Send me pictures of your veggie stamp creations!

P.S. Thanks for the encouraging words from yesterday's post!


  1. Vegies as stamps! Who'da ever thought? Why clever you, that's who! Great idea for days when the kids are stuck indoors and bored. I need to add this to list of great ideas for future reference. Thanks! (big smile)

    1. Oh they would love this craft! Wish I could be there to help :)

  2. oh, I can't even explain how much I love this! I need to make this for my wall. Thank you for the inspiration
    Love, Richelle from Lynn + Lou


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