Thursday, June 20, 2013

A CheckUp on Nugget Liam

You want to know what's craaaaazy? This kid. How big he is. He's practically a toddler. Actually I think he really is a toddler, but I'm clinging to whatever remaining baby-ness that lingers. I think that's subconsciously part of the reason I still breastfeed. That, and the health benefits and yada yada yada ;). Also, did I mention he still sleeps next to me? As if we lived in a one-room hut and there were physically no other options? Yep. This is true. And, I'm not sure if you noticed, but my better half happens to be a pretty tall dude. So between my little dude and my better-half dude I spend most of my sleep in fetal position in the bottom corner of our king-size bed. So, that's fun.

^ This is the cleanest this kid's feet have looked since he started walking sprinting at 12 months. I kid you not, he can run a 7-minute-mile (Actually I am kidding. That would be impossible. I'm just being dramatic to illustrate a point, so clam down). The second a door (or the gate blocking Jada's dog food) is open he B-lines straight for the road (or to Jada's food and promptly stuffs 8 pieces of dog food in his mouth and sits in her water bowl). YOLO, I guess.

^ This is a Clint pose. Like he is a casual model lounging. You can almost see that Clint-smirk like, "Check out how simultaneously funny and cool I am".

^ And don't let this angelic, tucked-in-bottom-lip, big-toe-grabbing face deceive you. There's a plan formulating behind those big brown heavenly eyes. Man don't you just want to eat those kankles up!?

^ This one I like to call "I think it's time to go now...he's ripping the tassels off my pillow...".

^ And now he's mad that I took the pillow away.


  1. Oh my goodness, golly sakes! I just want to huggle and snuggle and kissipoo too! But I'm quite sure I'd terrify him if I could. "Mom! Who is this scary person trying to eat me?" Maybe that's how scary fairy tails were born. (I do have a wart on my nose - Ha!)
    So anyway, when he's old enough to understand - tell him lots of bedtime stories about his simply fab granny who lives far, far away, but loves him oh so very much! Love to all!


  2. Oh my gosh - he looks SO much like Clint. I bet you hear that all the time, but I can't handle it. He is a mini-me. I love the pictures. :)


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