Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Funky Gift Topper!

Do you ever have those creative moments where you hit a stroke of crafting genius? Like when you think of a craft or creation you never thought of before and it's like "Ah-ha! That is brilliant!"
I had one of those moments when I was staring at my craft closet wondering what in the crap I was going to wrap my friend Stacey's birthday gift in. Stacey likes an funky and fresh gift topper as much as a blogger should, so I knew conventional bows were kind of a no-go if I wanted to make my gift card (boring gift) really special.
And then I saw it...a mini Styrofoam ball I had cut in half for this craft last December. It was flirting with me and I wasn't about to walk away. I set that blank canvas Styrofoam ball down on my craft table and started pulling other supplies from the shelves.
Gold pipe-cleaner? Uh, yea.
Pink and green lace flowers. Of course.
Pearls and lace bows and sequins. This is a craft project after all.
And then I plugged in the trusty glue gun and glam-ed out that Styrofoam ball like a boss.
I must admit, It turned out pretty darn fabulous. It sends off a Tim Burton meets Marie Antoinette kind of vibe, don't cha think?
I like it!
I am thinking of adding some of these to my shop (and giving my shop a face lift while I'm at it...because it really needs one). Stay tuned for some new products from yours truly ;)
Annnnnd....there is a slight chance I went overboard and posted 13 photos of this one gift on this post. So, there.


  1. Just pinned this. So exquisite!

    1. Meg In Progress...I am SO honored! Following you on Pinterest this second!

  2. That's not funky - that's positively delicious!
    Never mind the gift! Save the box and topper!
    I love it (BIG smile)


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