Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Men in Skirts with a Twist.

Mr. alix adams (aka Clinton William Adams) is pretty funny...usually the most so when he is not trying to be. Don’t get me wrong, Clint can crack jokes with the best of um', but one of his funniest habits is his movie selections. Clint's most frequently viewed films can be categorized into two sections:
1. men in skirts
2. romance with a twist

So here is the breakdown: 

1. men in skirts
- Braveheart (kilts = plaid mini skirts )
- Dances with Wolves (leather skirts)
- Gladiator (armor skirts)
- Troy (leather armor mini skirts)
- and...How to Train Your Dragon (yes…the animated film...also kilts)

2. romance with a twist
- The Devil Wears Prada...and the twist is Meryl Streep who he describes as a metaphor for all terrible bosses
(not kidding, he LOVES this movie...he claims it is the working dynamics he enjoys about this film, not the high heals---I'm not convinced)
- Titanic...and the twist is that most everybody dies
(picture this: Saturday night I come downstairs to find Clint enthralled in the scene where [spoiler alert!] Jack freezes to death...so funny to find my husband and two dogs watching the Titanic sink [which sounds worse than it is]. Note: does anybody else think it is weird that the old lady dies and returns to Jack [who she knew for a week] and not her husband who fathered her children? WTF James Cameron?!)

Happy Tuesday everyone! If you have weird favorite movies leave a comment!

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