Thursday, May 17, 2012

3 years of marriage...and counting.

Hello all! This week was a special week. I turned first year mother's day and husband and I turned 3 years marriage. Woo-who! To celebrate, Clint told me to "take a hike", literally. We went up the canyon, weather was perfect, dogs were happy, baby was fed, we ate Jimmy Johns (can I just point out that not once has Jimmy Johns got mine or husband's order correct. not once. and we order sandwiches as they come on the menu. I swear they make the same sandwich for everyone no matter what one you order. butts.). 

I am still feeling heavy, but Nugget is only 9 weeks old, so I need to be patient. The weigh-in for this week is 144 lbs (5 pounds less than the last weigh-in). I really want to start P90X hard core, but can't seem to find the time (aka: lame excuse). I think I will need to start getting up at 7:00am to fit P90 in my life (be warned, this is a danger to society as I am not a pleasant morning exerciser...or pleasant morning human for that matter). ps...that warning was mostly for Clint who is graced by my attitude every morning. Anyways...our anniversary was lovely. Husband bought me a funny and inappropriate card (two of my favorite things) and I made him a card out of wasi tape and die-cuts (two of his favorite things [insert winking emoticon]). And to finish the evening we watched Modern Family, which I plan to rewatch 2 times today.


  1. That is the cutest little boy, seriously...the cutest.

  2. ...and she is not even close to exaggerating about NOT being a morning person...good luck with that Clinty...

  3. ...okay so I felt a little guilty about my last comment being so might not be a super happy morning person but you sure make up for it the rest of the you!!

    1. thanks mom. I will teach you how to delete comments you feel guilty about ;)

  4. Two words: jogging stroller. Ok, three: BOB jogging stroller. Only way I can stay in shape with two babies around. No need to wake up early, just take him out whenever!


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