Saturday, August 18, 2012

husband clint

husband is a pretty great guy. well more than pretty...he is a REALLY great guy.
and this weekend he has left me to hunt wild beasts down south.
and by wild beasts i mean deer and by down south i mean monticello.
so off he went, the dedicated hunter, and here i am missing him.
husband works so hard for our family and i couldn't be more grateful.
but i could tell him more just how grateful i am.
here is a few of my grateful things...
...1. i am grateful for his patience. all encompassing patience with me and life in general.
...2. i am grateful for his love for me and nugget.
...3. i am grateful for his time that he dedicates to spending with me.
...4. i am grateful that he is so capable.
...5. i am grateful for his total commitment to enjoy life.
...6. i am grateful he is confident.
...7. i am grateful he is religious.
...8. i am grateful he likes vacations and dessert.
sure do miss him.

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