Tuesday, December 25, 2012

A Christian Carol

Oh I am just lounging here with Liam watching Disney's A Christmas Carol (the only Christmas movie, or any movie, that Liam will sit and watch from start to finish...should I be worried?). And while I'm watching I am reminded of a last December when I covered my huge pregnant body in layers upon layers of maternity clothes and trucked out into freezing temperatures to a small-town play house to see A Christmas Carol live.

The play was wonderful...that's what stands out the most. But, I vaguely remember the director or producer or someone important standing up on stage, before the play began, and giving a speech.
They said something to the effect of, "I love doing A Christmas Carol because it's not about God, its not about religion, its just about giving."
And I thought to myself: Well, that's silly.
So I might get on my soapbox just a bit here. Be warned ;)
The reason we give, I believe, at this celebratory time of year is in commemoration of the greatest gift ever given. The gift Christ gave. And I give because I celebrate His birth. I honor other religions that celebrate in the spirit of giving. I admire the generosity of those who don't believe in God and give gifts of the season.
But A Christmas Carol does ring of a Christian message of giving. And that's not a bad thing.
My mission is to be Christian to all and I think that was the message of A Christmas Carol.

What's more, the most famous line in all of Dicken's masterpiece is spoken by Tiny Tim: "God bless us! Everyone!"

I feel so blessed to have Liam (that my pregnant body made a miracle). My gratitude for my Christian faith is overwhelming. And my family, being with them forever, is the best gift.

So Merry Christmas!...and God bless us, everyone!

And every nativity is a party...so add a disco ball!

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