Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Morning

We so enjoyed Christmas morning for quite a few reasons...

1. Liam! Liam took his first Christmas morning very seriously...opening gifts like a pro, attacking ornaments, and eating wooden blocks. All business. Very professional.  
2. Batman came! My 19-year-old brother spent the majority of Christmas morning wearing his Batman mask, revealing his night job of fighting crime.
3. Bacon! Enough said.
4. Striped PJs! You may have noticed those stinking adorable striped PJs are...ahem...floods...Bad planning mom...bad planning. 
5. Poofy coats! You know the only thing better than a poofy coat? A LONG poofy coat!
6. iPhone 5! Clint got me the latest iPhone model and she is a sleek lovely lady. Should I call her Phillis too?
7. It snowed!
8.Wrapping paper everywhere! Although I have never experienced a real life hangover, I am convinced it feels like my living room felt after a tornado of unwrapping. 
9. Purple-brownish furniture! I'm not complaining, but these college couches Clint bought off a friend and the poop-colored recliner that was a "sweet KSL find" are kind of throwing off my Christmas photo-shoot feng shui. It's time for slip covers. Most def. January project maybe?
10. The gift of giving! The best part was watching my brother's eyes light up as he pulled on the ridiculously long skirt-sweater thing we got him, or snapping photos of my sister snuggling with her perfume/lotion set we got her.

Congratulations! You made it to the end! Not sure what Clint was doing in the above photo, but those gloves are adorbs. ;)

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