Sunday, December 16, 2012

The best part is 6 o'clock

In wake of such a horrifying tragedy, blogging about gifts and garland seemed silly. I can't conceive of such sorrow but my whole heart and prayers go out to the victims, heroes, and their dear families. One can't help but feel a sense of helplessness during tragedy and violence. These moments are the ones I rely on prayer. I consider myself a spiritual person. As a member of an organized religion, most definitely I attend weekly services and activities. But religion, for me, all comes back to prayer. Communing with God helps me to cope, brings me hope in darkness, and guides me to service.
Most often, prayer leaves me with a sense of work to be done. There is always more service needed, more love to be given, more forgiveness to be sought.
How grateful I am for prayer.
Because prayer is my medium for a personal relationship with God.
And a method of gratitude.

I give prayerful gratitude for 6 o'clock. The best part of my day is 6 PM when Clint pulls in the garage and Liam crawls to the door as fast as his little body will scoot. They are my soul. I can't imagine a piece of my soul not coming home.

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