Thursday, December 13, 2012

hug a disco ball

Yesterday I cursed our Internet provider with such gusto I thought my hair would curl! Does that even make sense?
For the last 48 hours my Internet connection was nonexistent, yet the wireless signal flashed solid green indicating that we did in fact have a wireless connection. Jokes on me, though, for I was wirelessly connecting to nothing.
And that basically summed up the day.
I was a little off and out of touch, yet still flashing a wireless signal (if that makes any sense).
The good news, which is always the good news, is that Liam and I were together. And we threw a little pity party. He brought a disco ball. I brought carrots and hummus and cookies. We watched The Family Stone. So there.
Tomorrow is crafts galore!
So life will go on and I am sure that disco balls will always be welcome.

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