Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Remember that time I was Prego?

9 months ago...I was 9 months pregnant. Remember?
Okay guys...you know when that adorable skinny lady is like, "I was soooo big when I was pregnant" and then you see pictures of them and their whole body looks perfectly thin and fit except for a beautiful perfectly round belly? And they could have totally pulled off the underwear pregnancy photoshoot? Well this is not like that. No this is a memoir of my puffy-faced, fat thigh, double-chinned pregnancy.

I was so poofy. 
I retained, like, 50 lbs in water weight. 
My face and nose were so wide, I was unrecognizable. 
My voice lowered by 2 octaves at least.

It was kind of a horror movie, with the most joyous and wonderful ending possible.

To celebrate hitting my pre-prego weight I decided to look back on pregnancy photos. I thought I would look at them and think, you didn't look that bad! You were so hard on yourself!
Well, I did look that bad.
Probably worse than that bad.

Here is the beginning of it all...

And then this happened...

And then Clint took this picture the day before I delivered...

This picture kind of makes me want to cry. Like at what point did I think it appropriate to eat a giant shake at a movie theater wearing black spandex pants? Oh yes...at the point of 9 months pregnant!
So this night, to celebrate not being poofy as poof I am going to eat some ice cream and cuddle with the most adorable and sweet and loveable little Nugget who really was worth all of it after all! And of course I will thank the Heavens above every day that I was able to get all fat and zit-backed and double-chinned because I know so many women would take it in a heartbeat. 

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