Monday, December 10, 2012

Snow (Glitter) globes you say?

No need to fret! The Home Depot Holiday continues! Of all the crafts I have made this season, I may have the biggest craft crush on my light cover "snow globes". I say "snow globes" with "" because there isn't really any snow involved..."just" glitter (which is the greatest). I was kind of surprised by my adoration for such a craft. It's simple and teal and involves antler so I should have know it would make me weak at the knees. 

1| To do this craft...Buy yourself some small plastic toy woodland animals. I selected the North American Forests pack because it had a moose, beaver, elk, raccoon, owl, and bear and I can't say no to such an array of critters. 

2| Next I painted them all teal or white because that's what suited my fancy.

3| Then I cut Styrofoam balls in half, glued them to a painted-white canning lid (for a sturdy base). 

4| I used spray glue and a ton of glitter to cover the Styrofoam half-ball in a glittery wonderland!

5| Glue that woodland critter to the top!

6| Okay, so the secret to this craft comes from Home Depot...It's a glass light cover. It costs $2.50. You'er are shocked I know. These covers are wonders-they are really stinking cute and they can be used for tons of stuff (candle holders, toothbrush cup, or even a snowglobe cover!)


The critters are really the best...I have bunnies and buffalo scattered about and what says Christmas more than a teal buffalo?

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