Tuesday, February 19, 2013

One Sweet Slice

Day dates with my dudes are the best. And we couldn't just not take little Liam on a Valentines date. So last week we hit up my absolute favorite cupcake bakery in all of the world...One Sweet Slice. Let's just say that owner Janell Brown can seriously whip up the best cupcake I have ever stuffed my face with. Oh and by the way she won Cupcake Wars and makes wedding cakes that are so beautiful I may just have to re-marry Clint so we can buy one. So dont' walk, run to One Sweet Slice! And you are welcome for this ridiculously long list of photos...editing may not be a strength of mine.


  1. OMG! How did you ever decide which of these yumdiddlyscrumptious treats to try? Or did you simply try them all? I think if I ever make it there, this is a - you must take me there - there!
    I especially want to try those (whatever they are) chocolate dripping red things! Yum! My mouth watereth over. Love you guys :)

    1. Of course I'll take you! Everything I have eaten there is delicious!


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