Friday, February 22, 2013

Why I am happy to be worrisome

Getting a blog post out this week has been horrendously difficult and as I quietly type next to a snoozing almost-one-year-old (gasp) I am forced to interrogate myself...Why has my blogging been slow moving? Why am I so tired and a little uninterested? Why can't it stay light outside until 9:00 pm so that I can get one photoshoot in!?
After a little bit of meditating perhaps I'll share a few things that I am working hard on so that you can stop judging me for being lazy ;) (ps I know that no one is judging me...except for me).

Okay so this week you could say I have been working really hard as a momma. This kid has kind of photo-bombed my life as of yet, but I kind of think that photo-bombing stared June 2011 when he became a little peanut in my womb. The past 7-9 days he just so happened to be more of a bomber than the previous month or so. I mean, these photos pretty much describe my blogging efforts lately :)

Does he not have the cutest chubby fingers this side of the Mississippi!? (That got a little western)

Another thing that has been a focus of my efforts and worries has been sleeping arrangements. Liam and Clint and I co-sleep, which has actually been a very positive and uplifting experience. Plus thousands of years of parenting would suggest that it is natural for many parents and babies to want to sleep in close quarters. So I am not sure why I picked this week to stress about sleeping situations and schedules and routine. Perhaps its because I am sleeping, um, too much. Is that weird? Most nights I sleep from 12:00pm to 9:00am with little interruption. Now I hear you sleepless parents out there thinking Sounds like a tough life Alix...too much sleep is your problem?
Strangely I think that is part of it.
I think in order to get the shiz done, I need to wake earlier and make a habit of it. Woe is me!

Also...some exciting blog-related things are in the works 'round here that have seriously consumed my creative energies. Which is a good thing in many ways...but I must remember that first and foremost I am a quality content creator! (that last sentence should be read as if declaring a significant manifesto!)
What's in the works, Alix? You may ask.
Oh I just got a little job with Vivint's blog The Neighborhood! That's right...Starting March I am contributing content to a blog that I adore and this has made be very happy.Very very very happy.
Also The Neighborhood and I have some mini party plans in the works so that is pee-your-pants exciting!
And not to mention I am busy designing and creating items for my etsy store which will launch March 1st!!!! (I hope...cross your fingers and say a pray for me that I will be able to get it all done)
Oh and PS I am still busy tackling my 100 rejections list because, dammit, I will make money blogging and love it all the while.

To be honest and truthful and fair...I am deeply in love with my life. I can't remember ever being as happy doing anything as I am being a mom and blogger.

Well this post has successfully balanced a stream of contentiousness with a journal entry, so lets wrap it up with well-wishes...happy weekend!


  1. Well I wont get down on my kness for you, (because I wouldn't be able to get back up)
    But I will cross my fingers, eyes, heart and anything else I can think of, if that will help.
    On sleeping - try going to bed an hour earlier. On sleep sharing - it is what it is.
    On creating neat stuff - I doubt any of us are worried much about you being able to do that. Sounds like March is going to be a good month! (Always has been for me)
    Love a bunch!

    1. Thanks granny! I am very excited for March...I think it will bring great things!

  2. I love that you all communal sleep! I did that with my last baby, and it changed my life, I got more sleep, and she was more secure.
    You'll get all your ducks in a row, don't worry, you're an amazing creative woman. And, he does have adorable chubby fingers. I think he's just a delicious baby!

    1. Hey thanks Mimi! Yes, communal sleeping has been a blessing for us. And yes, Liam is delicious!


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