Friday, June 7, 2013

When 5-year-olds dictate a photo shoot. And I'm a photographer now, I guess ;)

Ever since I got my new lens I have been snapping pictures like it's my job...oh wait? But seriously I am OBSESSED with this 50 mm f/1.2 lens and it is making me itch to start some photography projects. But more of that in a minute. First, I wanted to take you through a tour of this adorably silly impromptu photo shoot I did with a couple of cute family friends. I was looking to get some lens practice and twins Maddie and Sadie were looking for some modeling work. It really just worked out for all of us. A win-win. To really get the hang of my lens I decided to let them dictate the photo shoot and I would just follow them around and try and compose shots around their playing. And you guys...letting 5-year-olds make photography decisions is hi-lar-ious! For example...

When 5-year-olds are in charge they choose to do still-shots of pine needles falling on them. Most people would go for the conventional fall leaves or falling snowflakes. Crafty people might select some colorful confetti, or maybe rice at a wedding. But 5-year-olds know where it's at...and "it" is dirt and pine needles. Important side note: later that night when I gave them a bath both of them had pine needles in their underpants. All for the cause...all for the cause.

Next...5-year-olds keep it real with the facial expressions and poses. None of this fuss about flattering body positioning or angelic smiles. No, they bring their A-game duck faces and crossed eyes. Sticking out tongues is also fair play.

 And...they aren't afraid to tell the photographer when they are pissed.

But really, no matter what they do, 5-year-olds (and Liam of course) can take some pretty cute pics. Don't cha think?

Now...more on that photography business that I was chatting about. I think I really want to start taking more pictures of people. Don't get me wrong...I do love a good bundt cake photo opp or stellar party shots, but really I need to venture out. For a couple reasons...

First, I really love my new prime lens (did I mention that?), but it was a bit pricey. There are other lenses I want too. For practical financial reasons (and for marital health) I really should be making sweet mula using these lenses.

Second, I think I have practiced long and hard for the last 1.5 years at photographer and with more practice on people I bet I could make a good photographer. That was my self-pep-talk. Practice is what I really need. That and an apprenticeship or something of the sort.

So...ah-hmm-m-m. I am a photographer now. Just decided. And I guess it's time to start working really hard to prove it.

Anyone want a discounted family photo session? Perhaps some engagements or newborns? Just email me and we will get the shiz going!



  1. Love the sugar and spice (and dirt and pine needles) Kids are the best - they haven't got any hangups yet! Who do those two adorable twins belong too? (besides Liam who seems to have staked a claim) Love it!

    1. They are Michelle's kids...I'm sure you remember my mom's best friend Michelle Young from high school?

  2. BTW, I'd love a photo shoot! if you can find a way to pay to get here - I'm almost always home (Big Smile and a wink or two)
    Oh wait! The object is for you to make money, not spend it! Well toots, with your sticktoit ivity, I'm quite sure you will. Love to all :)

    1. Granny I would love to come up there! There are so many beautiful things to take pictures of in that area. My camera would be on overdrive :). Maybe sometime soon...


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