Monday, June 10, 2013

Glitter Magnet Craft

So I've mentioned my obsession with the blog deignlovefest before. Not only is Bri Emery n' company brilliantly talented...but they happen to be engaging as well. These past two weeks designlovefest has called on readers to re-create some of their favorite designlovefest DIYs...can you say "right up Alix' alley"? I'm all over this challenge. You're supposed to make the craft, photo the craft, and then Instagram it with #designlovefestDIY!

I decided to recreate these little glitter magnets, but with my own flair. Mission accomplished? Maybe. So cute you could die? For sure! (But don't really die. This is just a craft for hell's sake).

Bonus...this craft was FREE. No trips to the wallet-black-hole that is Hobby Lobby. I used leftover glitter from this snow globe craft, and left over magnets from this advent calendar craft. Double gold stars for me ;)

And don't you worry...I've got more designlovefest DIYs in the works...and you should craft along with me!

To see more of my craft inspiration you can check me out (wink wink) at Pinterest! Happy Monday!

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